Apr 20, 2021|

A Swiss Watch Goes for RMB 388,000 Yuan in Charity Auction on JD


by Ella Kidron

JD.com hosted a charity auction in collaboration with Swiss watch brand H. Moser & Cie. and The One Foundation, the auction took place on Apr. 14 at midnight and concluded on Apr. 18 at 19:00. The final price of the one of a kind Swiss Alp Watch Infinite Reboot was RMB 388,000 yuan after 16 rounds of bidding, up from its starting price of RMB 238,000 yuan. All proceeds from the auction go towards supporting children’s welfare through H. Moser & Cie.’s partnership with The One Foundation.

RMB 388,000 yuan final price of the H. Moser Swiss Alp Watch Infinite Reboot at conclusion of auction

Of the watch itself, a spokesperson commented: “The item is devoid of logo, indices, and hands. Its dial features only a mechanical disc reminiscent of the symbol one sees when a computer program is loading, turning constantly to reflect the ceaseless march of time…It is a symbol of the infinite, of the relativity of time and of the headlong rush in which society is caught, ever more connected, ever more virtual. Here comes a fundamental question: in the face of extreme digitization and excess, could it now be time for a complete reboot?”

Online auctions have become increasingly popular, and JD Auction is a platform of choice thanks to its reliability and commitment to authenticity. The platform has auctioned products in over 40 primary categories and covering over 200 sub-categories. Everything from mansions to jewelry to famous calligraphy works and high quality alcohol can be found on JD Auction, meeting consumer needs for rare collectibles as well as everyday use products.

JD Auction has held several online charity auctions. Last November, in cooperation with JD Foundation, the platform hosted a charity auction to promote China’s intangible cultural heritage. All funds received from the auction of craft masters’ works were used to help women in impoverished areas and ethnic minority groups to encourage their pursuits of art and cultural creations.