Feb 9, 2022|

Alcon’s Flagship Store Ranks in JD.com’s “Top 100 Stores” of 2021


by Vivian Yang

Alcon, the world’s largest eye care devices company from the United States, was named one of JD.com’s “Top 100 Stores” of 2021 on January 11th, after gaining straight-A reporting cards in 26 consecutive rounds of JD’s bi-weekly store management examinations within a year.

Every two weeks throughout the year, JD certifies high-performing stores in its marketplace based on 28 customer-experience-oriented criteria including product/service quality, operational status and more, and designates stores that achieve these demanding standards as JD’s “Top Stores.”

Alcon’s flagship store on JD.com with its annual “Top Store” certificate

Since its launch in 2019, Alcon’s flagship store on JD.com has offered a wide array of products for vision care, as well as reliable and convenient services to customers in China. Various contact lenses and solutions are available to meet a variety of needs. The store’s most popular product is the DAILIES TOTAL1 contact lenses, which feature water gradient technology. This lens material has a gradual increase in water content approaching 100% water at the surface, so all that touches the eye is a cushion of moisture.

Alcon’s flagship store was the first to offer a free trial of contact lenses on JD, which proved to be an effective move to quickly connect with local consumers and expand the market in China. Catering to customers’ need for more personalized products, Alcon joined hands with Pop Mart, the trendy collectable art toys brand, for a marketing IP campaign on JD.com last December 15th, which drew over 4 million visitors to its store over the themed day.

Alcon and Pop Mart’s joint marketing campaign on JD.com

Aside from products, excellent services are vital for the store’s success. Alcon ensures most customers receive their orders within one day by leveraging JD’s warehousing and delivery services. At the same time, Alcon’s customer care representatives must all complete rigorous training in order to give clear and professional answers to customers’ inquires, thereby enhancing users’ trust in the online store. Thirdly, Alcon’s flagship store has integrated a number of JD’s after-sales service functions such as speedy product returns, flash refunds, shipment insurance and other services that guarantee a nice customer experience.

Certified “Top Stores” on JD will be rewarded with more traffic support and other platform resources, according to Xiangying Kong, JD Retail’s head of platform ecosystem department, with the goal of improving their operating efficiency and fostering a fair, high-quality, and effective space for premier merchants to thrive.

Alcon China’s spokesperson noted that the company plans to strengthen its partnership with JD Retail and JD Health in 2022, delivering new products and better services for vision care among a growing customer base.