Feb 9, 2022|

JD Cloud Shows Its AI Capability During Chinese Spring Festival Gala 2022


by Yiming Yan

As the exclusive interactive partner of China’s Spring Festival Gala 2022, JD Cloud provided robust technical support for the virtual red envelopes during the gala: The cumulative amount of global participation of the interaction reached 69.1 billion times in the JD App.

It has been a busy period for JD Cloud’s intelligent customer service system, Yanxi(言犀), which provides users with 24/7 service in all scenarios. A total of 550 million services were provided for JD’s customers on behalf of the 165,000 merchants on JD.com from the start of the Spring Festival Grand Promotion (January 9) to the end of the Gala (February 1).

The rapid reaction team prepares for the Gala

The Gala has gained a lot of popularity in China, where hundreds of millions of Chinese people enjoyed the annual TV show on New Year’s Eve. As the Gala’s partner this year, JD Cloud needed to deal with the world’s greatest scale of high traffic volume, with traffic that was ten times higher than JD’s Singles Day Grand Promotion. Dan Liu, vice president of JD Technology, stated, “The computational power of human-computer interaction we reserved [for during the Gala] can support the country’s entire population  in one hour.”

Unlike JD’s 618 and Singles Day Grand Promotion, requests for Yanxi not only revolve around pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales, and other conventional issues, but also complex knowledge such as the rules of virtual red envelopes during the Spring Festival Gala.

“We’ve accumulated a plethora of experience to support the Spring Festival Gala thanks to previous grand promotions. We established a rapid reaction team under the supervision of IEEE Fellow Dr. He Xiaodong, with the effective assignment of jobs for seasoned team members,” said Liu.