Feb 3, 2022|

JD.com Among FORTUNE 2022 World’s Most Admired Companies with Outstanding Social Responsibility Score


JD.com is ranked on the FORTUNE 2022 World’s Most Admired Companies list at No. 6 in the Internet Services and Retailing Category. Other companies listed in the Top 8 industry ranking include Amazon, Alphabet, Xiaomi and more.

This is the second time JD.com was named in this list, following last year. To compile this list, FORTUNE collaborated with partner Korn Ferry to survey more than 3,700 executives, directors, and analysts to measure corporate reputation and performance. Nine criteria are examined ranging from long-term investment value, social responsibility, quality of products/services, innovation, global competitiveness and more.

JD.com tops the “social responsibility” score among Chinese companies on the industry ranking. The company also demonstrated outstanding performances in the dimensions of “use of corporate assets”, “long-term investment value”, and “quality of products/services”.

In the continued fight against COVID-19, the company has been on the frontline to donate vital medical and food supplies and leverage its nationwide warehouse and transportation resources to support local communities. Meanwhile, JD’s commitments to green supply chain and a circular economy last year, given its large scale in operation, bore meaningful fruits by clean energy using, packages reduction, second-hand products recycling and more.

Since 2020, JD has been supporting rural China to achieve RMB 320 billion yuan($50 billion) industrial output under a rural revitalization program that aims to drive more than RMB 1 trillion yuan industrial output within three years.

By continuously improving supply chain efficiency, JD achieved an inventory turnover time of 30 days by the third quarter of 2021, a world-class level in managing a pool of over 10 million self-operated SKUs, and realized the less-than-one-hour last-mile delivery service in over 300 cities across China, providing end-to-end solutions for brands and partners, and thus offering a premium shopping experience to consumers in China.

Lately, the company is making innovative moves on its international expansion. In January 2022 alone, JD opened its first robotic retail shops in the Netherlands – an unprecedented omni-channel shopping format in the world –with an attempt to explore the future of retail. A week later on Jan 18th, the company announced a strategic cooperation with Shopify on an “accelerated channel” to help foreign brands and products sell in China and the other way around.

To date, JD’s global supply chain network has covered more than 220 countries and regions in the world, with its international logistics arm operating around 80 bonded and overseas warehouses and cargo flight routes between China and the US, UK and Thailand. Together with various shipping services by air, railway, sea and trucks as well as other cross-border services, overseas orders can be delivered from door-to-door as fast as 48 hours.

In recent years, JD.com has been transforming into a leading supply chain-based technology and service provider. The company’s cutting-edge retail infrastructure seeks to enable consumers to buy whatever they want, whenever and wherever they want it. As the company’s business has grown, it has opened up its capabilities across retail, logistics and technology, empowering partners as well as industry players beyond the JD ecosystem.

JD deems itself as “a new type of real economy enterprise” that possesses both digital and technological capabilities, and the DNA and features of a tangible business. Such a dual characteristic enables JD with the knowledge to understand the development of traditional enterprises in different industries and provide them with the technological support accordingly that best suits their need for digital transformation.