Nov 2, 2020|

AllianzJD Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary


by Ling Cao

AllianzJD, a joint venture between Allianz and JD, celebrated its two-year anniversary last week. As the fastest-growing insurance company in China, AllianzJD has completed 1.05 billion customer interactions, and 36.88 million insurance orders. The company has expanded a range of insurance businesses covering car, health, accident, travel and freight, providing a single and convenient insurance service for clients.

Over the past two years, over 800 partners have cooperated with AllianzJD, serving over 160,000 merchants. Chunjun Xu, CEO of AllianzJD said, “Two years is just a beginning. With all of our efforts, we are confident to achieve our vision for becoming the most trusted digital insurance company based on technology.”

Chunjun Xu, CEO of Allianz JD

The company is also consistently enhancing its service level, with its smart customer service having already served 608,000 people, equal to over 800 people daily. It has also made its insurance claims service flexible, with a small amount of cases handled online directly. In terms of medical insurance, there are over 3,000 online doctors to provide free consultative services.

AllianzJD also prioritizes its social responsibility. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, AllianzJD has provided over 200,000 policies to frontline employees with COVID-19 related insurance. During natural disasters like earthquakes, AllianzJD has also created fast reaction channels.