Nov 2, 2020|

JD and Kuaishou to Host a 200-Hour Livestream during Singles Day


by Ella Kidron

JD and Kuaishou will partner to bring high quality products to Chinese consumers this Singles Day. From November 1st to 9th, many leading Kuaishou hosts will take turns presenting on a 200-hour (8 days and 8 hours) uninterrupted livestream.

During the livestream, Kuaishou viewers can get a secret code, which can be inputted on the JD app to receive coupons to be used on Tied to JD’s Super Category Day promotions, the live broadcasts will cover computer and digital products, mobile phone, home and everyday use, watches and jewelry, makeup and skin care, fresh food and other categories, providing users with high quality yet high value products.

This livestream cooperation is an extension of JD’s existing partnership with Kuaishou, which was announced just ahead of JD’s 618 Grand Promotion earlier this year. Through the partnership, Kuaishou users are able to purchase JD’s first party retail model products without leaving the Kuaishou app, and enjoy fast delivery and high quality after-sales service provided by JD. Overall, JD and Kuaishou are focused on strengthening to quality of products bought through livestreaming, and providing a tool for merchants to reach their target customer bases more effectively. Twenty-two million viewers tuned into the JD-Kuaishou livestream held during 618.

According to news reports, the world record for the longest livestream is currently held by Welsh content creator Reece “Reecesy” at 200 hours 30 minutes 28 seconds. The record was previously held by Twitch streamer Louis “Los PollosTV” Sammartinos, and before that, by video streaming platform Hulu at 161 hours 11 minutes 32 seconds.