Oct 30, 2020|

An O2O Experience of Buying Properties on JD.com


by Vivian Yang

Have doubts about buying houses on the JD Real Estate platform only via virtual interaction? Rest assured—you’ll also have the option to experience the properties offline, thanks to JD’s integrated services supported by its real estate agent partners’ alliance, branded as “Good Houses Selected by JD (好房京选)”.

Ahead of this year’s Singles Day Grand Promotion, JD announced that the alliance has expanded to over 800 brick-and-mortar real estate service offices in Chinese cities such as Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, and more. With information sharing, on-site property tours, and digital collaboration across these agencies, the service provides a richer experience when compared with traditional real estate agents, by matching supply and demand more accurately, and significantly improving people’s home buying experience.

“Through the agency alliance powered by the ‘internet +’ model and backed by the JD brand, we introduced standardized brand and services to ensure our customers find their properties in a safe and efficient way,” said Yide Wang, marketing director of JD Real Estates.

Customers can search for property information online and visit JD Real Estate’s offline agency to learn more about a wider range of properties, communities and the environment through AR/VR, panoramic roaming, electronic sand table, and other technologies— before they decide to check out the properties in person.

JD also provides real estate agents with an intelligent system that can improve their operational costs, data management and online transaction efficiency.