Apr 18, 2024|

JD Super’s Ninth Annual “Baby Party” Campaign: Supporting Families with Newborns


JD Super, JD.com’s omni-channel supermarket division, successfully concluded its ninth annual “Baby Party” campaign, which ran from April 1st to 14th. Collaborating with leading brands from home and abroad, the campaign introduced new products and services designed to improve the shopping experience and reduce expenses for families with newborns.

Pioneering services included the “Fresh Milk Powder Express,” guaranteeing delivery of farm-to-consumer baby formula within 28 days, and the “Free Diaper Offers for Newborns” initiative, set to distribute one million diaper packs annually. Moreover, the “Life’s First Bottle” project significantly reduces the costs of high-quality milk bottles by offering them exclusively online at a 50% discount.

JD Super’s specialized after-sales services extend to over 90% of the company’s self-operated products, offering services such as free returns or exchanges. Another highlight was the introduction of the Chun Rui milk formula, developed in partnership with Feihe, a leader in infant milk production. This collaboration ensures top-quality products at better value for families.

Additionally, JD Super launched an online portal dedicated to public welfare activities, which promotes cost-saving measures, shares knowledge on baby care, and supports charity initiatives.

As part of its commitment to philanthropy, JD Super donated essential baby supplies valued at over one million yuan to 1,000 families in the economically disadvantaged Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province, supporting local parents in this region.

The 2024 Report on Cost of Childbearing and Childrearing in China shed light on the challenges faced by parents, including limited free time and growing anxiety over rising costs and product safety. JD Super aims to mitigate some of these concerns by providing support to families nationwide.