Apr 18, 2024|

JD.com Awarded 2024 INFORMS Prize for Excellence in Operations Research and Analytics


JD.com is honored to announce that it has been awarded the 2024 INFORMS Prize. This recognition makes JD.com the first Asia-based enterprise to receive the award, highlighting its pioneering use of advanced analytics and operations research/management sciences (OR/MS) within its business operations.

The INFORMS Prize is awarded an organization that has repeatedly applied the principles of advanced analytics and OR/MS in pioneering, varied, novel, and lasting ways. Previous recipients include Walmart, Wayfair, Amazon, UPS, Booz Allen Hamilton, BNSF Railway, Walt Disney Company, U.S. Air Force, General Motors, Intel, HP, IBM, Ford, Procter & Gamble and GE Research.

Speaking on behalf of the selection committee, Mehmet Gumus, 2024 INFORMS Prize committee chair, remarked: “JD.com is showcasing data science as a source of business success and a necessary element to achieve customer satisfaction with continuous and dedicated practice. JD.com is truly deserving of this prestigious prize, and the entire O.R. and analytics community joins INFORMS in thanking them for their priceless contributions to the field and the business world.”

JD.com’s commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and customer service through OR/MS has been integral to its success. The company has developed an independently managed intelligent supply chain system that utilizes cutting-edge operations research algorithms to optimize warehouse management and logistics operations. This includes the operation of hundreds of intelligent warehouses and dozens of “Asia No. 1” intelligent logistics parks.

“We are honored to accept the INFORMS Prize and will continue to be steadfast in our dedication to leveraging the transformative potential of operations research,” said Sandy Xu, CEO of JD.com. “Our company’s supply chain not only aims to lead the industry, but also enhance the efficiency and well-being of our entire ecosystem.”

By the end of the fourth quarter of 2023, JD’s supply chain infrastructure assets had grown to RMB 153.8 billion, an increase of 16% year-on-year. Managing over 10 million self-operated SKUs, JD has achieved a global leading average inventory turnover of 30.3 days. This operational prowess enables JD to fulfill 95% of retail orders within 24 hours, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction and setting new standards in the industry.