Nov 12, 2021|

Behind JD’s Sales Record of 349.1 Billion Yuan: New, Intangible and Global


by Siyi Zhao and Mengyang He

JD has completed this year’s Singles Day Grand Promotion with a total transaction volume of RMB 349.1 billion yuan during the 11-day sale that started from 8 pm on Oct 31, setting a new record for the sales of its annual shopping festival. Behind this number are several distinct consumption trends.


New and high-quality products

During this year’s grand promotion, JD has witnessed the consumption trends of products that are new and of high-quality, along with attributes catering to consumers’ various demands.

JD continues to demonstrate its strong position in the home appliance category, with over 50 million households choosing JD to shop for their products. The number of all-category products sold regrading JD’s IoT smart ecosystem was twice that of the same period last year, with the number of thin and light high-performance notebooks sold increasing by 270% YOY, and 4K smart projectors achieving a YOY growth of 160%.

Under the trend of consumption upgrading, consumers also prefer high-end flagship phones, with the number of items regarding brands of Xiaomi, OPPO, Honor, and vivo sold over 4 times as much as that of the whole day (Nov 11) of last year.

As for agricultural products, consumers are more and more concerned about the place of origin. During JD’s promotion, the transaction volume of Wuchang rice, the most popular rice brand from Heilongjiang, increased by more than 5 times YOY, and those of Suqian hairy crabs increased by 600 times YOY.

In the past year, JD Apparel has ushered in more than 100 international and domestic key account (KA brands), while more than 6000 new fashion brands were among this year’s Singles Day Grand Promotion. The total product volume of apparel are of 15 times more than that of the same period last year.


Shop for service-products

These days, consumers are not satisfied with buying solely tangible products online—they have been also flocking to place orders for a slew of services.

The transaction volume of pet products and smart products during the promotion increased by 267% YOY, while the volume of online pet consultation services surged by 178% compared with the same period of last month.

Also, on Nov 11, the consultation volume of the maternal and child health department of JD Health Internet Hospital increased by 10 times YOY, the transaction volume of genetic testing increased by 16 times, the HPV vaccine appointment services by more than 7 times, and the dental health orders by nearly 5 times, all of which reflects the new trend of purchasing a new form of intangible product, namely service, online.


A global perspective

Through cooperation with international and local partners, JD has established a supply chain network covering more than 220 countries and regions. The volume of products sold globally during this year’s Singles Day Grand Promotion increased by 27 times YOY. JD Worldwide also imported a wide range of high-quality products from abroad. The transaction volume of JD Import Supermarket grew by 14 times YOY.

JD also took its Singles Day Grand Promotion to a larger group of international consumers. For example, JD.ID in Indonesia partnered with TikTok, and through livestreaming set a JD.ID sales record. In Thailand, JD Central reported a transaction volume from midnight to 2 am on Nov 11 with a YOY increase of 227%. Baby supplies and food and beverage are the top two categories that had the fastest growth among Thai consumers. Phones, PCs, and home appliances all sustained a 3-digit growth.

JD’s 2021 Singles Day Grand Promotion has continuously become a reflection on China’s consumption trend, a trend that is upward and dynamic, and demonstrates a great potential for China’s consumption force.