Apr 22, 2021|

Beijing TV Broadcasts JD’s One-Hour Delivery Services


by Hui Zhang

A reporter from Beijing Radio and Television(BRTV) filmed JD’s one-hour delivery services by following a real order placed by a consumer on Apr. 15. It only took 28 minutes for the consumer to receive the product after placing the order. The footage was broadcasted on the program “Living at the Moment” of BRTV’s Life Channel at 17:23pm on the same day.

The customer surnamed Zhu placed an order within JD’s App for items spanning various categories, such as fruit, vegetables, ice cream, fresh produce and one fragile item, a glass, posing a real test for JD’s logistics capabilities.

Screenshot of JD App

From the offline store side, a camera recorded the whole process of order fulfillment. Workers at the offline store had been dispatched to different areas of the store to pick up products, and then all the products gathered into an office so as to review if each order has been fulfilled.

“The whole process only takes about 10 minutes, from picking out to packaging the items,” said Yatao Li, general manager of Beijing Huaguan Commercial Technology Development Company. The Huaguan supermarket where Zhu’s order was fulfilled is only one of JD’s partners in its omnichannel fulfillment supply chain innovation program.


Screenshot of Items Packaged

The courier knocked on Zhu’s home door only 27 minutes 53 seconds after she placed this order. All the products including the fresh produce and the glass arrived in good condition.

As early as April 2020, JD already joined hands with JDDJ (JD Daojia, a local on-demand retail platform under Dada Group) and other offline channels such as Walmart, Yonghui Superstores, Better Life and BHG, covering over 10,000 offline stores with nearly 3 million products across 100 cities to improve logistics efficiency and get products into customers’ hands even faster.

To further enhance consumers’ shopping experience, JD ramped up its cooperation with Dada Group to provide JD’s customers with one-hour delivery service of daily necessities powered by Dada. Through the cooperation, JD customers can now directly buy over three million products from participating stores on JD.com and receive the products within an average time of one hour. Some products can even be delivered within 15 minutes.

More than 20,000 chain supermarkets across China have now participated in the program, making a myriad of products available for consumers to order online, ranging from fresh groceries, home appliances, consumer electronics, to healthcare and personal care products.