Dec 28, 2022|

Biggest SEVEN FRESH Store in South China Opens


by Tong Shen

SEVEN FRESH  opened its largest one-stop shopping experience center in South China on December 24. Located in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. With a total area of 3,500 square meters, the location will serve customers in 154 surrounding residential communities, with a capacity to meet the daily needs of over 80,000 residents in the neighborhood.

The new SEVEN FRESH store in Shenzhen, Guangdong province

The innovative integration of JD’s cross-category supply chain capability ensures that products can be stocked within 48 hours, from the origin to the shelves. As a result, consumers are able to purchase fresh ingredients from all over the world in SEVEN FRESH, such as beef from Australia, 4J-grade Chilean cherries, and forearm-length mantis shrimp.

Forearm-length mantis shrimp being sold in SEVEN FRESH store

In addition to offering international products, the new store’s food and beverage selection also offers a significant range of local specialties with distinctive characteristics and flavors, catering to the tastes of local residents.

Juema Pork, the most popular local specialty being sold in SEVEN FRESH store

Meanwhile, the number of baked food offerings in the new store has also increased, with 70% exclusively created by SEVEN FRESH baking masters catering to Chinese tastes. In order to produce baked food with superior taste, most of the raw materials are imported products, such as butter from New Zealand and flour from France.

The new SEVEN FRESH store in Shenzhen, Guangzhou province

The new SEVEN FRESH store features a lot of design upgrades and service innovations, which have been made to enhance consumers’ one-stop shopping experience. The overall design, environmental color scheme, lighting system, acoustic system and section division are all specially designed.