Dec 16, 2020|

BMW Unveils Flagship Store on JD with New R18 Cruisers


by Vivian Yang

BMW Motorrad announced to open its official  flagship store on on Dec. 16, 2020. At the same time, the German motorcycle brand confirmed that R18, its latest-released cruiser model, which is the largest and heaviest BMW to date, will be offered on this platform.  The announcement was made at a BMW event in Beijing to celebrate the entrance of three R18 editions to the Chinese market.

This move is a significant leap forward in the cooperation between JD and BMW Motorrad. It helps to expand product varieties on JD Auto, attract more customers for BMW and offer more competitive prices and better services for Chinese riders.

Fei Zhan (left) of BMW Motorrad China and Qing Yan of JD Auto on the JD flagship store unveiling ceremony 

“Equipped with innovative retail concepts, BMW Motorrad hopes to explore new channels and try out diversified ways to engage different circles of users. The launch of the JD flagship store is an important move for us to broaden our touchpoints with more users. We will work together to provide users with a customized and immersive experience that reflects the Make-Life-A-Ride spirit that our brand upholds,” said Fei Zhan, director of BMW Motorrad China.

“With the rapid growth of China’s motorcycle market, more and more global brands have made their presence on JD and deepened collaboration with us.  BMW Motorrad’s joining is a key step for us to develop the high-end market, and it is also a landmark event for JD’s motorcycle business layout,” said Yan Qing, general manager of JD Auto.

Leveraging JD’s supply chain advantages, user base, big data and technologies, JD Auto stepped up its effort in building the motorcycle business since 2017 and has achieved fast progress. To date, it has established cooperation with over 30 famous motorcycle brands home and abroad, including BMW, Ducati, YAMAHA, Wuyang-Hongda, Peugeot and more.  It has also become the go-to platform for Chinese motorcycle fans and riders. It is estimated that over two million users have bought motorcycle-related products on in 2020.