Dec 17, 2020|

New Home Appliances Preferences on Display during Double 12


by Ella Kidron and Rachel Liu

“Double 12” (Dec. 12) festival stats reveal new consumer preferences for home appliances. The four traditional large home appliances – TV, refrigerator, washing machine and air conditioner – are not all consumers seek in the category.

Sales of educational TVs, which are chock full of content suitable for children increased more than 120% YOY. In their downtime, families increasingly prefer to bring the cinema experience home, opting for 65-inch and larger TVs. Sony’s 65-inch OLED TV increased 10-fold compared with the same period last year.

The preference for refrigerators with sterilization capabilities that cropped up in the beginning of the year has remained strong all year, with a sales increase of 3.5 times YOY for Double 12. Furthermore, as families have grown in recent years with the relaxation of related policies, consumers are opting for larger refrigerators. Seventy percent of consumers who bought fridges during Double 12 chose high capacity 400L and up refrigerators.

When looking at laundry equipment, more than 80% of customers will consider the drying function when buying washing machines – gone are the days of clotheslines for many. Air conditioners with “gentle wind”, preferred by mothers and infants, are very popular. One domestic brand, Zaiyuezi, saw sales of one such model double compared with last year. With more attention on overall ventilation, central air conditions systems have increased by 150% YOY. Sales indicate the future direction of AC R&D, moving from single temperature regulation, to more complex systems.

With higher demands for “eating well”, consumers are also having higher demand on cooking facilities. Double 12 data shows that more consumers prefer products from leading brands, and more intelligent products are getting popular.

As for small home appliances, products that can help enhance customers’ appearance are getting popular. Thirty percent of female customers are interested in anti-aging beauty instruments, a 37% increase YOY. Razors that can protect skin from acne saw a sales increase of 144% YOY, and became the first choice for 20% of customers. Customers are also paying more attention to cleaning and disinfectants. Air purifiers with a disinfectant function became the first choice for 90% of customers. Forty percent of customers who buy vacuums chose middle to high-end products, and sales of vacuums that are over RMB 3,000 yuan (~US$460) increased 200% YOY.