Jan 17, 2024|

Celebrating the Year of the Dragon 2024, JD.com Kicks Off Its 12th Consecutive Chinese New Year Grand Promotion


JD.com is delighted to announce the launch of its 2024 Chinese New Year (CNY) Grand Promotion. Starting at 8 pm on January 17 and continuing until February 17, this year’s celebration marks the twelfth consecutive year that the company will provide continuous doorstep delivery service throughout the holiday across China.

The Grand Promotion will feature several exciting events, including the “10-billion-yuan Discount” Day, Free Shipping Day, Super Brand Alliance, and the Super Xiaonian (Minor New Year) Live Streaming Night, offering a unique blend of entertainment and exclusive deals.

Tech enthusiasts can look forward to special offers, such as an RMB 800 discount on the iPhone 15, along with free shipping, complimentary removal of old appliances, and a generous 180-day exchange policy. Fashion aficionados will be treated to a diverse selection of apparel and accessories from internationally recognized brands like Helena Rubinstein, DIOR, Bosideng, Hailan Home, Lao Feng Xiang Jewelry, Tissot, and Aimer, satisfying customers’ needs for new outfits, gifts, and travel essentials to celebrate the new year.

For Beijing residents, JD.com offers the convenience of ordering fresh groceries through the JD Grocery mini-program within the JD app. JD Grocery is an on-demand online grocery business that delivers to customers in as fast as 30 minutes. To ensure the freshness of the produce, JD Grocery has also introduced an “Everyday Fresh” channel where vegetables are sourced from the previous day and are only available for sale for a limited 16-hour window to ensure peak quality.

JD.com’s mega offline shopping destinations, JD MALL and JD E-Space, are set to revolutionize the shopping experience for consumers in eleven cities across China during the CNY. These innovative malls seamlessly integrate the online and offline worlds, offering customers an immersive and interactive shopping experience. Tens of thousands of physical shops on JD’s ShopNow platform will set up livestreaming rooms, allowing customers to interact with sellers in real-time and make informed purchasing decisions.

JD.com’s Europe-based omni-channel retail brand, ochama, is dedicated to providing overseas consumers with a seamless and enjoyable experience during the Chinese New Year. A wide range of new products from popular brands such as Apple, Mi, Estée Lauder, Kiehl’s, Godiva, Tefal, and more will be offered during the campaign. Ochama will also offer a selection of high-quality daily essentials at competitive prices among EU retailers through its recently launched “Everyday Low Price” (EDLP) channel, ensuring customers enjoy great value for their purchases. Additionally, ochama has partnered with the renowned snack brand, “Bestore,” to introduce an exclusive limited edition snack gift pack this Chinese New Year.

JD Global Sales recently expanded its services to meet the needs of Chinese consumers in five European countries: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain. Customers in these countries now have the opportunity to directly purchase Chinese New Year goods from JD’s app at the same price as domestic customers. JD is also launching exciting promotions in Hong Kong and Macau, including “1-yuan Flash Sales” and “50% Discount for Branded Goods.” With the support of JD Logistics, retail products will be delivered directly to customers’ doorsteps as quickly as the next day, guaranteeing a fast and convenient shopping experience.