Jan 19, 2024|

JD.com Celebrates Retirement of Wuxi’s First Courier, Highlighting Commitment to Employee Welfare


On January 10th, JD Logistics celebrated the retirement of Mr. Jin Yicai, its first courier in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, who served with dedication until his retirement at 60. Yicai’s heartfelt retirement video, shared across social media, garnered widespread praise and attention.

“When I joined in 2009, my boss told me that within five years, I could buy an apartment. It seemed unbelievable. Over the years, with consistent raises and the benefits of the company’s contributions to social security and housing fund, I bought my first apartment in Wuxi in the fourth year and brought my family from the countryside to live with me,” he said. “I’m grateful to JD for putting me where I am, giving me a dignified life, and today celebrating my retirement.”

JD Logistics’s Wuxi team hosts a farewell event to celebrate the retirement of  Jin Yicai (Right)

Homeownership is a widespread aspiration in China, and JD is committed to empowering its vast workforce, including frontline staff like couriers and warehouse personnel, to realize this dream.

JD’s Employee Housing Support: A Foundation for Well-Being

To alleviate down payment pressure for its employees who are first-time home buyers, JD established a RMB 10 billion “Housing Guarantee Fund,” with 77% of applications coming from frontline workers. Additionally, JD provides apartments and move-in-ready dormitories for employees across several regions, helping them save on rental costs. To date, JD has provided over 25,000 employee apartments nationwide.

An employee dormitory of JD’s Customer Service Center in Suqian, Jiangsu

The “JD Youth City” project, launched in 2023 with a total investment of over RMB 6 billion, aims to build nearly 4,000 fully furnished employee apartments. These “move-in ready” accommodations, located near JD’s Beijing Headquarters, will support facilities including kindergartens, cinemas, basketball courts, swimming pools, and commercial streets, creating the largest employee welfare investment in the industry in recent years.

The Blueprint of JD Youth City 

Employee Relief Fund: Ensuring Timely Assistance

JD’s “Employee Relief Fund,” established in 2010, has allocated over RMB 110 million to support thousands of employees facing sudden accidents or illnesses. A notable example is Yang Lu, a JD Logistics employee who urgently needed a bone marrow transplant in 2021 and received timely assistance through this fund.

Yang Lu said, “The 520,000-yuan assistance not only saved my life but also gave me the courage to persevere. Colleagues spontaneously organized donations for me. This is not just money but an endless source of strength.”

In the event of life-threatening illnesses, veteran employees who have worked at JD for five years are eligible to receive unlimited financial assistance for medical expenses. If an employee loses complete labor capacity or passes away during their tenure, JD covers their children’s living and educational expenses until they graduate from college. If employees’ homes are destroyed due to uncontrollable factors, JD’s fund can provide immediate economic support.

A retirement celebration event held for Mr. Bin Wang, JD Logistics courier in Wuhan, Hubei Province 

Prevention and Supportive Measures for All Employees Since Day One

JD offers free medical check-ups and personal accident insurance for all employees, underscoring the company’s approach of “prevention is better than cure” and “help in times of need.”

“I firmly believe in consistently treating our employees well.” Richard Liu, the founder and chairman of JD.com, once publicly expressed. “We want our employees to lead hopeful lives and have confidence in the future.” Prioritizing the enhancement of life dignity, happiness, and achievement for all JD employees is a key goal integral to JD’s success.