Jan 28, 2022|

Charge D’Affaire Delivers Danish Cookies to Chinese Consumers’ Doorsteps Ahead of the Year of Tiger


by Yiming Yan

Ms. Dorthe Lange, Charge D’Affaire with the rank of ambassador of The Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Beijing, knocked on the door of a local Beijinger’s home on January 10th and presented her with a Spring Festival delivery of Danish cookies.

Ms. Dorthe Lange together with the courier who is calling the consignee

Escorted by a JD courier, Ms. Dorthe Lange is the only female diplomat to take part in a special mission to deliver their countries’ products to customers in Beijing who had placed orders during JD’s Chinese New Year (CNY) Grand Promotion. Other diplomats who participated in the mission include 8 ambassadors to China from Argentina, Chile, Georgia, Malaysia, Moldova, Peru, Rwanda, and Sri Lanka, and Mr. Gianpaolo Bruno, Italian Trade Commissioner who represented the Italian ambassador in this program. The group was invited by JD.com to be special delivery envoys, delivering Spring Festival packages—along with CNY blessings—to the doorsteps of Chinese customers who have ordered their countries’ products.

The customer who received the visit is a Danish language instructor who fell in love with Danish food after studying and living in Denmark for a year. She welcomed the unexpected guest and invited the ambassador to sit down for a warm chat and shared Danish cookies the ambassador just delivered.

Danish cookies were among the top 5 products sold in Guangdong, Jiangxi, and other provinces during this year’s CNY Grand Promotion, according to data from JD Research Institute for Consumption and Industrial Development, indicating that Danish elements have been integrated into Chinese Spring Festival culture.

Ms. Dorthe Lange’s badge and trophy

“I’m more than delighted to find out that many Danish products can easily reach Chinese consumers on digital platforms like JD.com,” said Ms. Dorthe Lange.

Danish brands like Lego, B&O, and Ecco have taken off and expanded in the Chinese market, as the volume and categories of imported products have been flourishing on JD.com to meet the local consumers’ increasing demand for quality and diversity of goods.

JD has spent more than RMB 310 billion yuan on imported brand items in the last two years, establishing itself as a “gateway for international brands in China”.