Jan 28, 2022|

Ambassador of Peru Hand-delivers Student’s Spring Festival Purchases


by Yiming Yan

During a trip home to China, Ma, a Chinese student studying in Peru, ordered Peruvian specialties from JD.com for his family as part of his Spring Festival shopping. The delivery arrived on January 12 as scheduled, but to Ma’s surprise, one of the couriers was none other than the Peruvian Ambassador to China, Luis Quesada.

“I’m very proud that Peru has a very nice relationship with JD.com,” Luis Quesada said during the visit. “We hope that we can offer more diversities of goods for Chinese people to enjoy.”

Ambassador Luis Quesada (right) and the consumer Ma (left)

To celebrate the Chinese New Year (CNY), JD.com invited ambassadors to take part in a mission to deliver their countries’ products to JD’s customers in Beijing. Nine Ambassadors to China from Argentina, Chile, Denmark, Georgia, Malaysia, Moldova, Peru, Rwanda, Sri  Lanka, and Charge D’Affaire of Denmark, Italian Trade Commissioner in China on behalf of the Italian ambassador in this program, have been named as chief promoting officers of products from their home countries to deliver Spring Festival packages to the doorsteps of Chinese customers who ordered products from those countries on JD.com.

Ma, the recipient, moved to Peru to join his father, a Shougang Group employee working in Peru. Ma is currently studying Spanish translation at his father’s job site and recently returned to China for the Chinese New Year festival. He did not expect to encounter the Peruvian ambassador by coincidence while home, he said with a laugh.

When Ma reflected on his conversation with the Ambassador during the delivery, he stated that it inspired him to continue studying Spanish and contribute more to the development of the China-Peru relationship.

Ambassador Luis Quesada with a lantern 

Peru and China have deep ties, with nearly one in every ten Peruvians having Chinese ancestors—and China is currently Peru’s largest trading partner. According to a December 2021 report from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR) of Peru, China-Peru trade accounted for 31.5 percent of Peru’s total trade in the previous 12 months, with total trade from January to September between the two countries reaching $23.153 billion, up 58.2 percent YOY.

In addition to quinoa, chocolate, and lovely alpaca figurines ordered by Ma, many quality goods of Peruvian origin are available on JD.com, which has been committed to meeting domestic consumers’ increasing demand for quality and variety of goods. In the last two years, JD.com’s purchase of imported brand goods has exceeded RMB 310 billion yuan.