Feb 22, 2021|

China’s “Gaokao” Schedule Pushes Up Sales on JD Books


by Vivian Yang

Sales of exam preparation books for China’s college entrance examination(Gaokao) saw a spike on JD Books as China just confirmed on Feb 20 that the national exams for 2021 will be held on June 7 and 8.

Gaokao in China never fails to become a heated social topic each year. The decision to hold the Gaokao at its normally scheduled time in June reflected the country’s confidence in controlling the virus spreading. Last year, the exam was postponed by one month due to COVID-19.

According to China’s Ministry of Education, the exam will be the biggest organized collective event since the pandemic outbreak, gathering more than 10.7 million candidates in 400,000 exam rooms in more than 7,000 venues across the country.

“The announcement gave all Gaokao candidates a sense of urgency,” noted a representative of JD Books, adding that the demand of relevant books keeps growing despite the Lunar New Year Holiday from Feb 11 to 18, which was amid students’ winter vacation.

Meanwhile, propelled by the Gaokao’s increasing emphasis on extensive readings, rather than rote learning, classic literature books are gaining increasing popularity among young readers. For instance, the Top 10 bestsellers on JD Books during the holiday period included well-known sci-fi series The Three-Body Problem (三体), influential Chinese novel Ordinary World (平凡的世界), and the popular history book series on the internet 30 Minutes of Chinese History / World History in Illustration and(半小时漫画中国史/世界史), all of which are highly useful extracurricular reading selections for students.

As China’s leading book-selling platform, JD Books offers comprehensive education products and services for customers in different age groups and on all kinds of subjects, throughout K-12 and beyond to adult education. During this year’s winter school break, JD Books offered more than 5 million products in promotion and proposed 40 reading suggestion lists at the disposal of different types of student readers to facilitate their learning needs.