May 27, 2022|

Chinese-Culture-Themed Digital Collectibles Go on Sale


by Doris Liu

JD’s blockchain-based platform “Lingxi” launched digital collectibles featuring the design of an antiquarian Chinese embroidered screen from the Summer Palace in Beijing on May 27, in an attempt to combine traditional culture with an innovative commercial model using JD’s technology.

Inspired by the Chinese legend “A Hundred Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix”, the original image on the screen was depicted in Guangdong style embroidery, one of the four (the other three styles are from Hunan, Jiangsu and Sichuan) renowned geographical Chinese embroidery. The artifact was found in the palace’s Leshou Hall (meaning hall of joyful longevity), the main residential area of Empress Dowager Cixi(1835-1908), a female politician who had the reins of power for 47 years before her death during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

Limited to 8,000 copies, the digital collectible priced at RMB29.9 yuan was produced by Beijing Ruilin Culture Media Co., Ltd, featuring animated interpretations of the cultural relic, which makes the phoenix and the birds come alive while also highlighting the beauty and auspiciousness of the palace.

In addition, a series of other digital collectibles reflecting the well-known Chinese cultural relics will be released soon on the Lingxi platform during the upcoming 618 Grand Promotion, including themes of the Night Banquet in the Palace of Tang Dynasty; mystery box of the National Treasure’s Tiger Tally (or Hufu in Chinese) and so on.

Through these digital art pieces, the younger generation can better understand the stories of history and culture, which at the same time enhances the business and brand value of the museum’s cultural creativity.

Each digital collectible on Lingxi, which is accessible through JD’s App as a mini-program, has a “digital certificate” to ensure its uniqueness with blockchain technology. By blurring the boundary between physical and virtual realities, and closely linking physical goods with brand IP, JD helps offer an omni-channel interactive experience in multiple scenarios such as retail and cultural tourism.

In the past, JD released several free digital collectibles to complement the online sale of physical products. JD is also aiming to explore more possibilities in crossover collaborations to empower the cultural and digital copyright industry.