Apr 20, 2022|

JD Cloud Uses Digital Collectibles to Explores Ways of Brand Promotion


by Doris Liu

JD Cloud has released a series of blockchain-based digital collectibles on its platform “Lingxi” in April to explore more possibilities in promoting brands, cultural tourism and arts.

Each digital collectible on Lingxi has a “digital certificate”, which is stored with JD’s blockchain technology, to guarantee its uniqueness, and protection against being tampered with or reproduced. The Lingxi platform is accessible through JD’s APP as a mini-program.

JD first launched the digital collectibles in October 2021. The use of digital collectibles, as part of the marketing strategy for various industries, breaks the boundary between physical and virtual realities, and is closely linked with physical products and brand IP (intellectual property), creating a dynamic online and offline interactive experience.

For instance, on April 18, martial arts chivalry-themed digital collectibles of 3,500 copies were launched on Lingxi with collaboration of the National Copyright Exchange Alliance and the Management and Development Committee of Gu Long’s Works.

Chinese novelist Gu Long(1938-1985) is well-known for writing novels of “martial heroes”, a type of Chinese fiction describing the adventures of martial artists in ancient China.

Customers can get one limited-edition digital asset for free by purchasing an incense burner of the same IP attributes, and can view the digital art form on the Lingxi platform.

Chinese television maker Skyworth also tested the market with digital collectibles on Lingxi earlier in April. The offerings’ prototype is the first TV set manufactured by Skyworth in 1995. A limited edition of 408 copies were given out for free, by methods of lottery or TV purchase, to mark the company’s Global Television Festival on April 8.

With the advantages of JD’s industry chain, value chain and supply chain, JD’s Lingxi platform has set an innovative marketing model integrated with brand IP and Consumer-to-Manufacturer (C2M) initiative. Digital collectibles can be converted into physical products to reach consumers, which not only promote the real economy, but also stimulate the IP copyright holders to boost their designs.