Aug 5, 2020|

Continental Tires Saw Sales Boost on JD’s Super Brand Day


by Rachel Liu

German tire manufacturing company Continental tire held a Super Brand Day on JD on July 28th. Sales of the brand on the day were 35 times its average daily sales over the last 30 days.

The Super Brand Day program is a special campaign designed for brands to significantly raise brand awareness, and increase sales in China. Continental tire has launched a series of promotions for consumers including coupons, buy four get one free, and limited crossover gift boxes with Bose smart glasses. JD also held a livestream for Continental tire on the day to increase brand recognition among customers. The livestream received over 880,000 views and over 600,000 likes.

Liu Jun says, “Livestreaming can not only help boost sales, it also enables us to hear and interact with our customers in real time directly. It is a process of building brand awareness.”

Continental is the world’s third largest tire manufacturing company, and the largest automotive parts supplier in Europe. JD and Continental Tier formed a strategic partnership on 2017, and in that year, sales of the brand increased 150% y-o-y from April to December. JD has successfully helped Continental tire to break into the Chinese market. In 2019, the brand was awarded as the “2019 JD Retail Fastest Growing Brand”.

Apart from marketing events, JD also provided support on C2M, bid data and supply chain to better promote the development of Continental tire in the Chinese market.