Aug 5, 2020|

JD Convenience Store Now Opens Franchising Model in Four Cities in China


by Yuchuan Wang

JD Convenience Store is now open for franchising in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Jinan. In the future, JD will franchise its JD Convenience Store brand in more cities across China to empower traditional mom-and-pop stores and bring more quality products and services to consumers.

The franchise model requires unified design of stores that are 80-150 square meters, and a commitment to zero counterfeits. The franchised stores use JD’s cashier system and adhere to JD’s service standards.

JD Convenience Store is now open for franchising in Beijing

In addition, JD will provide a series of professional services to the stores to help them lower cost and grow profits, services including smart location selection, operations planning and optimization, marketing and more.

JD Convenience Store is the offline innovative store brand under JD New Markets. It provides a one-stop solution to shop owners covering goods supply, branding, operations model and management.

As of now, JD Convenience Store branches have been opened in airports, railway stations, scenic areas, university campuses and highway service areas. In April, JD Convenience Store introduced its first in-store bakery in Beijing.