Jul 8, 2020|

Couriers’ Bravery during COVID-19 Highlighted in National College Entrance Exam


by Ling Cao

On July 7th, China kicked off this year’s National College Entrance Examination (NCEE), commonly known as the “Gaokao” (高考). Couriers, who have heroically performed their jobs throughout COVID-19, have been highlighted and praised in three different title of compositions on the exam.

Couriers have become a national phenomenon after stepping up during the epidemic and ensuring people’s livelihoods. JD courier Dong Wang’s poetry has recently been published by the State Post Bureau’s official WeChat account. The poem is written for his mother and expresses how he feels delivering in Wuhan during COVID-19.

“Couriers are delivering in the countryside no matter if it’s rainy or windy outside,” one version of the national new Gaokao exam pointed out in a title of composition about distance and connection during the epidemic.

“‘Chinese faces’ are the tired smiling faces of medical staff under heavy protective clothing, as well as couriers who are delivering warmth along the quiet streets,” wrote the designated version of the exam for city of Tianjin.

To support families during the exam period, JD Computer and Digital department has setup offline Gaokao “love stations” in 120 cities around China, providing parents a location to rest while their kids take exams, as well as water, umbrellas, and environmentally-friendly bags. The department has also cooperated with Intel, AMD and other manufactures to hold an online event with discounts and gifts for families of students taking the Gaokao.