Jul 7, 2020|

JD.ID Marketing Chief: New Logo “Joy Horse” Marks Transformation


by Martin Li

JD.ID, the e-commerce joint venture of JD.com in Indonesia, has unveiled the new mascot JOY.

Named Joy, the new mascot image features a jumping joyful white horse with a red necklace. The name “JOY” itself is taken from the company’s slogan Make JOY Happen.

“The new logo reflects JD.ID’s spirit to keep reinventing ourselves for bringing JOY of originality to customers through the best shopping experience,” said Mia Fawzia, marketing chief of the company

“It also marks the transformation of JD.ID to become a better e-commerce company. It symbolizes JD.ID’s enthusiasm and commitment to continue serving the entire community, and enabling people to live a better life, “ said Fawzia.

Fawzia added that, the new image reflects the company’s commitment to continue to be reliable and meet the needs of all customers easily, safely, and comfortably from home.

“These are the values ​​that are the focus of JD.ID, which always prioritizes service and protection of customers,” said Fawzia.

Evolution of JD.ID mascot

JD.ID’s commitment to “Dijamin Ori,” which means “authentic products” in Indonesian, has been receiving increasing recognition and popularity among Indonesians. A combination of a direct-to-consumer platform as the pillar and a marketplace for third-party merchants who share a commitment to authenticity, JD.ID witnessed 33 times growth in the number of customers who placed orders in 2019, compared with that of 2016.