Apr 9, 2024|

Dada Now Teams Up with Luckin Coffee to Deliver Outstanding Service; Tu Yanping Honored as “Gold Rider of the Year”


On March 29, 2024, Dada Now, China’s leading on-demand delivery platform under JD.com, secured two prestigious awards – “2023 Outstanding Delivery Partner” and “Best Operational Support Award” from Luckin Coffee, underscoring its exceptional delivery service and meticulous operational support. Central to this recognition is Ms. Tu Yanping, a delivery rider with Dada Now, who received the prestigious “Gold Rider of the Year” title from Luckin Coffee. She is one of only four national recipients and the only woman to be honored.

Tu, who has been with Dada Now for nearly two years, has served at various Luckin Coffee stores within the Haimen District of Nantong City in Jiangsu Province. Her commitment ensures that every cup of coffee is delivered promptly to eagerly waiting customers. To date, she has completed over 20,000 orders, maintaining an exceptional on-time delivery rate of 99.9%. Dada Now has a high-quality coffee delivery standard with a strict “30-minute delivery within 3 kilometers” guarantee.

“I always make it a point never to exceed the delivery time limit to ensure that the coffee’s taste is preserved,” Tu said in an interview. She recognizes that for coffee lovers, each cup of coffee represents a unique experience, and timely delivery is crucial for maintaining its quality. Additionally, after delivery, she offers thoughtful instructions to customers on how to enjoy their coffee at its best, immediately after delivery.

“While many riders can deliver quickly, Tu’s exceptional attention to detail sets her apart, ensuring she maintains exceptionally high customer satisfaction ratings,” said Juanjuan Shen, who oversees Tu’s delivery station in Haimen. In instances when customers cannot receive their coffee orders in person, Tu diligently takes and sends photos to provide reassurance. Moreover, in the event of mishaps such as coffee spillage, she promptly contacts the customer and arranges for the coffee to be remade and delivered. This meticulous service has consistently upheld her customer satisfaction at a remarkable level.

As a mother of three, Tu finds that her role at Dada enables her to balance her family duties with personal fulfillment. Her dedication demonstrates that women can thrive in the delivery industry and set a strong example for others.

Nantong is a prime example of the rapid growth in coffee culture among China’s second- and third-tier cities. The close collaboration between Dada and Luckin, along with other leading chains, supports this trend and contributes to the growth of China’s local coffee delivery market.

Tu’s accolade serves not only as a personal achievement but also as a validation of the collaborative efforts between Dada Now and Luckin Coffee. Looking ahead, the two companies are committed to furthering their partnership, aiming to introduce innovative solutions in the instant delivery sector and provide even more efficient and convenient services to customers.