Nov 23, 2017|

Danone Waters China Taps for Logistics in Southwest China


Danone Waters China (DWC), a subsidiary of Danone Group, will work with e-commerce giant to distribute its popular beverage products throughout southwest China.

The companies will build a shared warehouse in Chengdu, the capital of China’s southwestern Sichuan province. The facility will use’s advanced logistics technology to store and manage inventory for the region, not only for orders of DWC products on, but also for DWC’s own regional fulfillment needs, including offline grocery stores.

Danone Waters China (DWC), a subsidiary of Danone Group, will work with e-commerce giant to distribute its popular beverage products throughout southwest China.

The shared warehouse will leverage JD’s supply chain management technology, including demand planning, inventory placement, warehouse and transportation management to maximize efficiency across different sales channels. It will serve as a major distribution center in Southwest China, merging online and offline operations for DWC, which has seven factories in China across six regions, with 300 sales offices and nearly 7,000 employees.

The move furthers JD’s push into the logistics business following the creation of JD Logistics earlier this year as a stand-alone business unit. JD operates China’s largest in-house fulfillment and last-mile delivery network, with 405 warehouses and a team of more than 65,000 full-time staff who can deliver more than 92% of JD orders same or next-day.

As part of the joint effort, JD will leverage its big data capabilities, developed over years from analyzing billions of data points. The technology enables JD to help suppliers more accurately predict the ebb and flow of demand, and more efficiently manage stock. JD’s expertise in the area can help limit stock outs, waste, and higher logistics costs for last-minute replenishment that have traditional plagued retail as a result of multiple layers of handling by a mix of third-party providers.

“China is a market with both huge opportunities and major challenges when it comes to managing distribution across our many sales channels,” said Hanbin Lyu, VP of Danone Waters China. “With its impressive in-house logistics network and advanced supply chain management technology, not to mention its trusted position as a platform for high-quality, authentic branded goods in China, JD is an ideal partner to help us maximize efficiency.”

JD has been expanding its efforts to help brands grow their China business by better managing their supply chains. Using its state-of-the-art logistics capabilities, JD recently helped a European dairy brand increase efficiency, enabling it become the top imported milk brand on

JD Logistics has also supported delivery of fresh produce and frozen products to consumers in China from major Western retailers. The services rely on JD’s sophisticated cold-chain delivery and monitoring solutions to ensure that over 300 fresh and frozen items, including imported meats, seafood, ice cream, fruits and luxury bakery goods, are delivered at the right temperature and in perfect condition.

The efforts in logistics are part of JD’s broader “retail as a service” strategy. As changing consumer demands are forcing changes throughout global retail models, large-scale e-commerce companies like JD are at the forefront of developing the most efficient and advanced supply chain and logistics technologies that can be used far beyond retail itself.

“We believe our infrastructure and technology will benefit shippers and industries, including those that don’t sell directly on our platform,” Wei Tang, Vice President of Logistics  at JD, said. “Online retailers like JD can lead the way to more efficiency, transparency and reliability in commerce, benefitting both customers and suppliers.”