May 8, 2021|

Datong Residents Enjoy More Attentive Service with the Help of JD Technology


by Ling Cao

JD Technology enables residents in Datong, Shanxi province enjoy more attentive municipal services. Since cooperation began February to now, the local residents service hotline handles an average of over 5,200 calls a day, compared with less than 4,000 previously.

“The new hotline is a combination of human and robot. The robot can even recognize local dialects and residents’ emotions, providing comfort when someone is angry during the call, which has largely improved convenience for both us and residents,” said Junwu Cai, information center director at Datong government.

For example, Ms. Deng, a local resident called the hotline on Apr. 10 to complain that somebody was digging a hole to plant a tree in her residential compound. The robot quickly sensed her anxiety and comforted her, while simultaneously transferring the call to a human representative to check in with Ms. Deng and involve the relevant department to deal with the matter. During the communication, the staff can be made immediately aware of previous context.

Yiran Yu, one of the hotline’s customer service staff shared, “We were always asked why the hotline was so slow before, and with the robot’s help, we can see service satisfaction improve significantly.”

JD also designed a screen at the service center to show the real-time conditions of the hotline, as well as the most concerned topics from residents, such as asking how to view medical insurance information or questions related to labor rights protection.

Industry data showed that in 2020, there were only 72 governance service hotlines with a pick-up rate of over 95% among nearly 400 hotlines in China, while Datong’s pick-up rate is 100%, making it more efficient and intelligent than those in other cities. In addition to Datong, JD is expanding the service to Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia.