Sep 10, 2020|

Dishwashers on JD: Sales Surge during and after COVID-19


by Ling Cao

“The dishwasher market saw very strong sales growth in this year. Sales surged during and after the pandemic. From beginning of this year, sales on JD increased 65% YOY.” Bo Ye, general manager of JD’s kitchenware products said at an industry summit held on September 8th.

Ye also shared that with the temporary suspension of home renovation amid COVID-19, standalone dishwashers as opposed to the types that need to be embedded in walls, became popular. Mid- and large-sized products were also popular.

“At present, sales in tier one and two markets still dominate the dishwasher market, while lower tier markets are growing quickly. From January to July, the growth rate of sales in tier four to six markets reached 70%, compared with 50% in tier one and two markets. In sixth tier markets, the growth rate is 87.9%,” Ye added.

In addition to JD’s online channels, JD’s offline home appliance experience stores and other channels were also popular destinations for consumers to meet their dishwasher needs. From January to July, sales generated from JD’s offline home appliance experience stores increased 255% YOY.

Ye also shared, married people are the main target audience for dishwashers. Seventy- eight percent of customers purchasing dishwashers are married. Over half of customers are 25-35 years old.

Ye concluded, “In general, the market will maintain its growth momentum for the rest of the year.” This particularly applies to products that were impacted by a dip in renovation services at the height of the coronavirus outbreak.

JD also provides related services for dishwasher products, such as free doorstep measurement and design for installation, and a special refund policy.