Jul 23, 2021|

Donations from JD’s Warehouses in Henan Reach Stranded Passengers and Hospital Patients


by Vivian Yang

On July 21st, JD Logistics delivered over 540 boxes of food and mineral water from its nearby warehouses to Tielu train station in Zhengzhou, Henan province, where hundreds of passengers have been stranded on the railway for more than 40 hours due to the ongoing massive floods in the region.

The train K226/7 left Zhengzhou headed for Lanzhou of Gansu province in the afternoon of July 19th, but service was suspended not long after departure due to the flooding. The ferocious storm cut off all rescue channels around the station, posing grim challenges to railway staff attempting to provide necessities for the stranded passengers.

JD Logistics’ local team contacted station head Yabin Zhang shortly after learning what was happening, and quickly sourced and delivered supplies from its warehouses close to the station, providing much needed relief for the hungry and tired passengers.

“Thank you so much,” wrote Zhang in his Wechat communication with the JD courier in charge of this mission. “I just want to express our gratitude on behalf of all the passengers on K227.”

Donations from JD’s Warehouses to train

Donations from JD’s Warehouses to train

On the same day, another batch of rescue supplies from JD’s local warehouses were sent to designated hospitals in Henan. It is estimated that there are over 5,000 medical workers and patients stranded at the No.1 Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine; and 4,000 at the No. 5 Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University. JD’s timely delivery of relief supplies has greatly alleviated their urgent needs.

JD’s timely delivery of relief supplies has greatly alleviated their urgent needs.

JD’s Warehouses vans

JD is China’s largest retailer with an extensive logistics infrastructure including a network of around 1,000 warehouses across the country. Since 2012, the company has abided by a rule that if a disaster happens anywhere in the country, the nearest JD warehouse should immediately donate and deliver its goods to meet the emergency demands. The manager in charge of the warehouse is entitled to make such a decision on the ground without waiting for approval from upper management.

In order to reduce operating pressures for merchants from Henan on JD’s platform, the company also announced 10 supportive measures on July 22nd to help tide them over during this difficult time while maintaining business operation. These measures include a number of operating fee exemptions on JD.com, including exemption from penalties for product delivery delays, and offering merchants employer liability insurance at no cost, and more.