Jul 21, 2021|

JD’s Rescue Supplies Rush to Rain-Ravaged Henan from Local Warehouses


by Vivian Yang

JD.com initiated emergency support for the central China province of Henan on July 21st as heavy downpours continued to lash the region.

Over 20 trucks of rescue supplies donated by JD and transported from JD Logistics’ closest warehouse arrived in Henan on the second day of the heavy rainfall, including raincoats, rubber shoes, spades, instant noodles, mineral water and more.

JD Retail launched a dedicated service hotline for customers and merchants in order to provide emergency goods coordination.

JD Health opened a free 24-hour hotline for local people’s medical consultation, and sourced and donated healthcare supplies for disinfection, epidemic prevention, mosquito prevention, treatment of wounds and anti-inflammation.

AllianzJD, JD’s insurance arm and a joint venture with German’s Allianz, has also opened a green channel for 24-hour claims settlement and rescue services for clients in Henan.

Many touching scenes of JD couriers have been captured by Internet users as they lend their hands in helping the local community in escorting children and elderly people wading in the water, or pushing cars out of the deep puddles.

In 2012, JD.com’s founder Richard Liu announced a company regulation stating that if a disaster happens anywhere in the country, the nearest JD warehouse should immediately donate and transport its goods to meet the emergency demands and that the management of any such warehouse would not need to obtain prior approval.