Apr 28, 2021|

Dr. Yu Zheng Named One of Beijing’s Model Workers


by Ling Cao

Dr. Yu Zheng, vice president of JD.com and chief data scientist of JD Technology, was awarded as one of the “model workers of Beijing”. This was announced on Apr. 25 at a press conference held by the Beijing Federation of Trade Unions.

Dr. Zheng has been driving forward the development of JD’s intelligent city (iCity) program, using technology to create broader value for society.

Last September, JD helped Nantong, Jiangsu province build China’s first urban governance modernization command center. Despite the impact of COVID-19, the program was put into use after just five months. The center has helped connect 64 departments and 10 counties and regions in Nantong, and uses one big screen and 16 specialized screens to view different aspects of the city’s operations in real-time, such as transportation, public safety and environmental pollution. When any emergencies arise, the center directs certain departments to take immediate action, largely improving the city’s governance efficiency.

This month JD has helped Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu province create a park operation system, which will be used for the province’s 11th horticultural exposition, opening from Apr. 16 and allowing trial operation the next day. The system, which uses technologies such as AI, IoT and digital twin, helps manage and operate the whole park in a more intelligent, efficient way, and increase convenience for public services, as well as ensuring that visitors can enjoy worry-free services.

Dr. Zheng had also led his team to make contributions during the height of COVID-19 in 2020. In Guanghan, Sichuan province, the team spent only three days building an online trading platform for the largest baby fowl market and put it into action during Chinese New Year in February, when the market was closed due to the pandemic.

Powered by technologies like AI, the platform connected supplies and buyers, helping sell more than six million baby fowls worth over RMB 12 million yuan. In another effort, the team helped build a digital operation center in Guanghan to use big data to analyze target customers of the city’s main agricultural produce.

Dr. Zheng said, “I’m delighted to receive the award. The future of iCity will not just help with city governance, but more importantly, bring convenience and warmth for people. We will hold an open and sharing attitude, joining hands with government and institutions together to help promote the country’s modern governance development.”

The medal aims at awarding organizations and individuals who are working hard in their current roles, driving innovations and achieving important goals in their careers. Over 60% of winners in this year are frontline workers or technology personnel.