Apr 28, 2021|

JD Brings Ripened-on-the-Tree Durian to Chinese Markets from Thailand


by Ling Cao

JD announced on Apr. 28 to implement its cold chain network and other capabilities to help bring fresh durians from Rayong city, located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, to China, enabling customers to enjoy durians at their ideal level of ripeness.

Traditionally, durians from overseas will be picked when they are only 60%-70% ripe and then they will be chemically treated on the journey so that they are fully ripe by the time they reach customers. This impacts the taste of the durian, and also goes against the general industry principle that durians should be left to ripen naturally to maximize flavor, aroma, texture and appearance.

Liyuan Zhang, a sales manager from JD Fresh shared, “We saw most of our customer complaints on durian, mentioning that the fruit is not sweet enough nor ripe enough. Therefore we are trying to find how to best naturally-ripen the durians first, and then make efforts to allow them to reach customers quickly.”

Using its cold chain logistics network, JD arranged for the temperature to be controlled at 15℃ during the transportation process, whether the durians are transported by air or by ground. This enables the durians to achieve ultimate ripeness and still reach customers without quality being negatively impacted. JD will also open pre-sales to help customers reserve durians in advance, so that when products are delivered to China, they can be sent to customers’ doorsteps directly instead of sitting around in the warehouse.

Zhang shared, “We are proud to bring this kind of durian experience to customers, allowing them to taste the same quality of durians as if they were in Thailand.”