May 24, 2022|

ESG Report: Empowering industries in digitalization for quality development


by Yiming Yan’s recently issued ESG 2021 report reflects the company’s ambition to be technology-based for a more efficient and sustainable world.

JD has been employing digital capabilities to increase supply chain efficiency and achieve sustainable development via technological innovation on the value of “boosting the real economy with JD’s identity as a real economy enterprise.”

As an example of the green data industry’s long-term growth, JD Cloud and Huawei have teamed up to release a new intelligent environment handling unit (EHU) that can achieve a power use effectiveness (PHU) of less than 1.25 in common application scenarios. is actively exporting this expertise to boost the digital development of other industries while driving upstream and downstream firms in the supply chain to realize digital transformation.

JD Cloud is JD Group’s main technology and service brand. It makes use of cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as’s digital intelligence supply chain, and is a digital intelligence solution provider with a superior understanding of the industry. JD Cloud has supplied digital solutions to over 1,500 large businesses and 1.5 million SMEs as of today.

By 2021, will have completed more than 300 industrial projects in collaboration with the government, benefiting more than 70 cities. While assisting cities in establishing an integrated development platform and delivering integrated services for the entire industrial chain, creates an entry point for businesses to receive services related to their products and operations, and eventually connects the digital and real economy to stimulate industrial upgrading.

JD has currently used cloud technology to serve over 70 industrial parks, covering over 4,000 businesses and connecting over 200,000 upstream and downstream businesses in the industrial chain.

For example, JD Cloud has established a patented hybrid cloud platform basis for BAIC Group, merging 15 data centers and 19 clouds into one to suit the needs of a steady-state enterprise like manufacturing, using the hybrid multi-cloud operating system Cloud Ship. It enables BAIC Group to save 50 percent on system duplication construction expenses while also providing a 50 percent increase in overall production line productivity.

While helping to digitalize the industry chain, is also working to promote social governance and regional economic development through digital technology. has a strong digital intelligence social supply chain, cutting-edge technical service capabilities, and extensive expertise in assisting regional economic development.

Using the smart city cooperation between JD Cloud and city of Datong in Shanxi province as an example, a number of projects promoting industrial upgrading have been launched since 2018, including cloud computing database, e-commerce ecological industrial park, modern agriculture center, industrial innovation demonstration center, and new economic talent training institute. By deploying a number of innovative technologies, the construction of Datong’s digital transformation and high-quality development has been greatly promoted.

“In the past few years, we have firmly invested in supply chain infrastructure construction and digital intelligent technology research and development, a path that has at times been bitter and challenging but will also deliver the highest value,” said Richard Liu, Chairman and founder of, in the ESG report. “We are glad to see that our persistence has enabled partners to achieve high-quality development.”