May 24, 2022|

JD ESG: JD’s Inclusive Development Enables Equal Footing Participation


by Doris Liu

As highlighted in its latest Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report, is always devoted to boosting inclusive development, embracing more people to participate fully in and benefit from development efforts.

The company helps people in financial hardship, with medical issues or in need of other help, not only via public welfare programs but also by revitalizing rural areas with its digital and technological capabilities.

With its supply chain advantages and solid capabilities in infrastructure construction, launched the “Benfu Plan” for rural revitalization in October 2020. The plan has been working with more than 1,000 agricultural specialties production zones and agricultural industry belts in China by setting up an all-chain path, realizing an output value of RMB 320 billion yuan as of the end of 2021.

Meanwhile, the company connected to over 500 large-scale vegetable cultivation bases and jointly built more than 70 modernized, standardized, and smart farms with some 700 online pavilions (online stores) for local specialties.

“We continue to increase investment in rural supply chain infrastructure and technology services, opening the whole industrial chain in rural areas, and comprehensively promoting rural revitalization through comprehensive solutions,” stated Richard Liu, chairman of the board of in his letter accompanying the ESG report.

For instance, Jingxi Farm, a rural revitalization solution launched by JD’s online consumption mall Jingxi, initiated the “Village Empowerment Action”, aimed to reduce the costs of agricultural supplies and improve the efficiency of agricultural services. So far over ten thousand farmers in eight provinces have benefited from the program with an uplift of average yield by 10-20 percent per mu, saving RMB 50-100 yuan per mu every year (a mu=0.0667 hectares).

By increasing millions of farmers’ income substantially through the rural revitalization plan, also created equal employment opportunities. Among the 300,000 front-line employees, 80 percent are from rural areas who enjoy a stable income , social security insurance and other favorable benefit policies to guarantee their livelihood and career path.

Children in under-developed areas were also helped by JD’s charity affiliate JD Foundation in the forms of donating books, improving their living conditions, and providing various supplies and services worth RMB 967,000 yuan to the SOS Children’s Villages.

More than 67,000 books were donated in a campaign to schools in rural areas in 2021. The donated books, picked up and delivered by JD’s couriers for free, not only cultivate younger generations’ reading habits with access to quality reading material, but also promote recycling for the environment.

In terms of charity support to patients, more than 24,000 patients with rare diseases were able to purchase medicines and obtain medication services from JD Health, and 69 patients with rare diseases were aided under the Rare Disease Care Project.

Created on September 24, 2014, JD Foundation donated over RMB 120 million yuan in 2021. The foundation always adheres to its mission of advocating corporate responsibility for a higher quality of life, and supporting public welfare.

Ranked by FORTUNE as both one of the world’s Most Admired Companies and the Chinese company with the highest “social responsibility” score, will continue to make contributions to society with business value and social responsibility.