Jun 12, 2018|

Exclusive G-Star RAW (x) JDX Jeans Sell Out in Three Minutes

JDX, JD.com’s crossover fashion project, is making a push into sustainable fashion, reinforcing its overall commitment to sustainable retail. With its June 18 anniversary just around the corner, the e-commerce giant has teamed up with popular Dutch denim label G-Star RAW to launch a limited-edition pair of sustainably produced jeans on JD.com. Only 50 pairs of the jeans will be available – and each pair comes packaged with G-Star RAW (x) JDX T-shirt and canvas bag, as well as G-Star RAW Bluetooth speakers. The jeans went on sale at midnight today and sold out in three minutes.

With environmentally friendly fashion becoming increasingly popular globally, the JDX and G-Star RAW crossover project seeks to address the waste of resources typically involved in producing jeans. From cotton production to the washing process, a normal pair of jeans will consume more than 3,480 liters of water throughout its lifetime, with over 2,500 different chemicals used for dyeing and processing.

By minimizing water waste and pollution at every step of the manufacturing process, the G-Star RAW (x) JDX jeans project seeks to provide a new model for sustainably produced denim. The jeans, which boast a unique “patch panel” design, were awarded gold star certification by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, an international institute that focuses on certifying environmentally friendly designs.

Rachel Jiang, G-Star RAW’s general manager of Asia Pacific said, “As a leading international denim brand since 1989, G-Star RAW is thrilled to be working on this important project with JD.com, China’s largest online retailer. By combining our unique, youthful designs with future-looking sustainable production methods, we believe this partnership with JDX will set an important precedent for the future of sustainable fashion and online retail.”

“G-Star RAW is an ideal partner for our first sustainable fashion collaboration,” said Cici Chen, general manager of JD Fashion Designer Services Department. “Responsible and environmentally friendly business is top of mind for us, and we’re delighted to work with a partner who shares our vision. This collaboration combines the best of unique street style and environmental consciousness and is sure to resonate with our shoppers.”

The limited edition G-Star RAW (x) JDX jeans package will include an environmentally friendly canvas bag. The bag is made of recycled cotton cloth printed with food-grade soy ink, making it entirely biodegradable and recyclable. With the use of these environmentally friendly fabrics, consumers can know their purchase has involved minimal carbon emissions, thus contributing to cleaner air, water and soil.