Mar 1, 2021|

“Fighting Fire like Superheroes”: Stories of JD Auto Service Stores


by Rachel Liu

Mr. Jian, the owner of the JD Auto Service Dezhong store in Xi’an, never imagined that his store would become famous locally just one month after opening last November.

The store’s staff discovered a parked car on fire next to the store, with the owner sleeping inside. Seeing the dangerous situation, the staff immediately sprayed fire extinguishers at the fire and woke up the car owner. More staff quickly used high pressure fire hydrants to join the rescue, successfully putting out the fire. “Although this car owner is not our client, we are obliged to provide our help,” said Jian. “I am happy to hear that many neighbors said our staff are superheroes for successfully fighting the fire.”

The store’s staff discovered a parked car on fire next to the store, with the owner sleeping inside

During the past Spring Festival, Jian kept his store open.. On the first day of the holiday, Xi’an resident Mr. Li drove to a nearby city to visit his relatives, and on his way back, his car broke down. Li called all the car maintenance stores nearby and none was open. He took a final shot to call Jian for help, and Jian soon found the parts needed and drove 50km to provide help. Jian didn’t take any extra charge besides parts, no matter how Li insisted.

On February 11,the first day of holiday, Ms. Yan of Shanghai scratched another car by accident. Yan had never experienced this situation and panicked. She called the JD Auto Service store where she does regular maintenance. A staff from the store quickly came to Yan and helped her contact the insurance company. The staff also drove Yan’s car back to the store for repair and provided a replacement car to Yan. and paint mending service for Yan. To show her appreciation, Yan bought fruit and cakes for the store staff, which deeply touched Xingyue Hu, owner of the JD Auto Service store.

Hu had no experience in auto related business before he opened the store. But as a car owner, he was troubled with the high price of 4S stores, and lack of transparency in some other street stores. He always wanted to open an auto service store, and quickly signed up after seeing JD was looking for franchisers. JD’s support in branding, management, employee training and supply chain enabled Hu and other store owners to provide high quality products and services for customers. “Many customers chose us because we have JD’s brand endorsement,” said Hu.

Similar stories happened in Beijing, Shenzhen and other cities during the spring festival.  Hu said: “Although I kept working during the past holiday, I feel this spring festival was very special and meaningful.”