Mar 1, 2021|

JD’s Procurement System Helps Enterprises Resume Business after CNY


by Ling Cao

JD’s procurement system has helped enterprises resume business after the Chinese New Year (CNY) holiday, especially for traditional industry partners. Data showed that nearly 60% of the system’s registered users are from wholesalers, retailers, services, hotels and restaurants.

“Digital procurement can not only make up the supply chain gap for offline suppliers during  and after holiday periods, but also can effectively satisfy the purchasing demand amid emergencies like COVID-19, ensuring stable production for enterprises,” said a representative from IT service industry.

Since the system was released in February 2020, the average active clients increased 50% month by month, and the average orders increased 130% month by month.

A representative from JD Business said, “In the long term, digitalization has become a key tool for helping companies overcome challenges, and JD will continue to provide them with integrated value and services.”