Jan 22, 2021|

Forbidden City Launches New Products on JD to Celebrate Chinese New Year


by Hui Zhang

The Forbidden City, also known as the Palace Museum in Beijing, has launched a series of Chinese New Year-themed decorations and products featuring traditional Chinese design style on JD.com to welcome the upcoming Year of the Ox in 2021.

The traditional red colored decorations include banners with Spring Festival couplets imitating the calligraphy of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing dynasty (1636-1911), and a meaningful blessing, Wufulinmen (五福临门), which refers to “five blessings that have arrived at the door.” The blessing appears in variations imitating the calligraphy of Emperors Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong, Jiaqing, and Daoguang of the same dynasty. In addition, door god couplets, paper cuttings, and red envelopes are also packaged in a gift set for the Chinese New Year grand promotion.

New products such as a lipstick with Chinese traditional design, a red scarf, aromatherapy in a Qing dynasty featured bottle and tea set with traditional figure design are also part of the new products to mark the coming of the Chinese New Year.

The Forbidden City launched a store on JD.com in 2019 to further expand its consumer base taking advantages of the ecommerce platform. Through a partnership with JD, the age-old brand has been able to more precisely target consumers and expand reach for its own stylish products that feature a twist on traditional Chinese cultural elements, resulting in 186% sales growth in 2020 year-on-year following the store’s opening.

During the holiday seasons, many consumers buy Forbidden City products as gifts, due to their unique cultural designs and premium quality. JD makes it possible for consumers to receive products the same day or next day, leveraging the overall strength of its nationwide logistics network.

“JD’s culture business department is working with established cultural brands by using their IP to help spread traditional Chinese culture. The Forbidden City is an important IP brand and more than 60% of its consumers are born after the 1990s. Through working with the Forbidden City and following the consumption trend on Chinese traditional products, both sides are working together to bring various products to more and more young consumers,” said a department manager in charge of the Forbidden City business operation from JD.