Jan 13, 2021|

Handsome Tibetan Youth Dingzhen Bring Sales Boom to His Hometown


by Hui Zhang

JD’s data shows the search volume of “Litang”, hometown to 20-year-old Dingzhen who has found fame online for his good looks, surged by more than 10 times, and the number of related products soared by 240% from the end of November to the end of December.

The search terms such as “the same jacket to Dingzhen” and “Litang specialties” have become hot words on JD.com and many other ecommerce platforms.

Right before the New Year of 2021. JD launched a scarf same to Ding Zhen’s on its Jingxi app, which is focused on providing high-quality products with low price. The scarf was manufactured by YARGEY Yak Velvet Products Company, which has acquired permission from Ding to use his picture wearing the same scarf. For every Ding Zhen scarf sold, RMB 5 yuan will be provided to the relevant departments in Litang for grassland environmental protection. Thanks to Dingzhen and the ecommerce advantage of Jingxi, the company are seeing an increasing number of orders which has increased income to more than 4,000 local farming households and brought jobs to nearly 100 people.

Dingzhen went viral on the internet accidently after being captured in blogger’s video online

Dingzhen went viral on the internet accidently after being captured in blogger’s video online. His innocent smile has attracted many Chinese netizens. “His smile was comforting. His sudden fame proves that Chinese society love all things beautiful and positive,” said a Chinese netizen.

According to JD’s data, people around 26-45 years old have contributed to 69% sales to local products in Litang. Female consumers have bought 73.2% and males 26.8%. The most popular searching items are Litang travel tips, tea, medicine and food.

In addition to Sichuan, the home province of Dingzhen, most of the consumers buying Litang related products come from  places in the east and south including Guangdong, Fujian, Beijing, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Shandong. Guangdong. Among them, Guangdong is leading with more than 16% of sales.

The accidental fame for Dingzhen also helped local small enterprises survive and bring jobs to local farmers.