May 12, 2021|

Home Decoration Season Drives Sales of Furnishing Products on JD


by Rachel Liu

JD held a Home Decoration Festival from Mar. 27th to May 5th, during which sales of doors, locks, wooden floor boards and more all saw growth. Traditionally March and April are the golden seasons for home decoration in China, and the trend has driven sales of home decoration products to rise on JD.

“Through the sales of the shopping festival, we observed that customers now have more demands on high-quality, customized products and thoughtful services,” said a spokesperson from JD Fashion and Lifestyle. “We will work together with both domestic and international brands to provide high-quality products for customers during the upcoming June 18 Shopping Festival.”

Furnishing Materials

White collar workers are the key customers of home furnishing materials, accounting for 80% of customers. This group likes to create a quiet, cozy and warm environment at home. Sales of soundproof doors increased 114% YOY during the period; and sales of fireplaces, gas heaters and underfloor heating increased nearly 50% YOY.

Many customers also choose to go back to their hometown to build villas for their family, and they can now order entire villas on JD too. One merchant called BoHome provides full service of design, renovation and decoration support for villas in the countryside. Sales of villas from BoHome increased over 70% YOY, and sales of the customized villa that BoHome developed with JD increased over 200% YOY.

Intelligent Home Furnishing Products

Sales of electronic locks increased over 70% YOY, and sales of intelligent family bathroom sets increased over 150% YOY. Smart toilets, bathroom mirrors and clothes hangers are also among the most popular products.

Products that feature cultural elements are also becoming more popular among customers. Forbidden City-themed furnishing products increased nearly 300% YOY, and British Museum themed products increased 15 times YOY.

Wedding Related and Seasonal Products

As many people choose to get married during the five-day Labor Day holiday, overall sales of wedding related products increased over 200% YOY. Within this category, sales of red wedding-style Chinese bedding products increased over 200% YOY, and wedding decoration items increased over 60% YOY.

The upcoming summer and increasing temperature is also driving sales of shower heads and shower room customization. Sales of shower heads increased nearly 60% YOY, and shower room customization service increased 100% YOY.