May 12, 2021|

JD Retail Cloud Participates in Hainan Expo, Opening Up Capabilities


by Ling Cao

JD Retail Cloud, a technology ecosystem aiming to benefit JD and external partners, participated in the inaugural of the China International Consumer Products Expo held in Haikou, Hainan province from May 7-10.

“JD Retail Cloud has already been opening up its capabilities externally, and we believe the expo is a great bridge to help us connect our digital solutions with overseas brands, helping enterprises, industries and institutions achieve digital transformation. Going forward, powered by technology, we will work together with partners to bring more value to the whole commerce industry,” said Dr. Paul Yan, Chairman of JD Retail Technology Committee.

JD Retail Cloud is an ecosystem that connects JD’s strength in technology, business, data and a large user base, combining its experience in the retail industry and opening these capabilities to external partners, expanding JD’s ecosystem and providing enterprises and institutions with integrated end-to-end services. Its fundamental product is the JD Polaris Operating System, a replicable system that improves the efficiency of the daily operations of the business.

Yan believes that digitalization and intelligent technology can bring major benefits to the industry, especially combined with JD’s years of experience in retail. Mainly, it can accelerate the launching of projects, and it can be applied in different scenarios with a flexible fundamental system, saving companies from duplicating work. With this goal, JD Retail released the technology service ecosystem specifically designed for the retail industry, JD Retail Cloud.

Onsite at the expo, visitors can enjoy an immersive experience by testing JD’s AR technologies for make-up application and trying on shoes, which are also under the whole ecosystem. They may simply scan a QR code to try these functions. Additionally, JD also displayed a mobile platform as a service (mPaaS) R&D platform and other solutions to help enterprises develop mobile platforms such as apps or mini programs, as well as building micro online malls, improving the customer experience.

Until now, thousands of merchants have registered to JD’s online mall SaaS program.

Using the integrated digital solutions, JD can help brands, institutions and industries increase efficiency and lower cost, promoting the digital economy.

“The system integrates three key capabilities of JD Retail and can be opened to our partners: the first is business operations capabilities, such as payment, supplier management, transaction and more. The second is customer management capability. We can help brands find targeted customers, introduce new customers and improve the penetration of their brand. The third is data capability, including data analysis, data asset management and more. We believe the system is highly valuable to the retail industry,” said Yan.