Jul 16, 2020|

How to Make the Most Popular Drills through JD’s C2M Model


by Vivian Yang

When the pandemic keeps people at home, many of them, men in particular, not only shop for more physical exercise equipment, they also spend their energy on tool kits for home DIY projects. Data from JD’s 618 Grand Promotion shows that sales of tool kits for home use grew by 109% from June 1st to 18th YoY, transaction volume rose by 189% on June 18th alone. Not surprisingly, males and married customers account for 83% and 80% of sales respectively.

Through big data and customer insights provided by JD, WORX realized that there is an increasing interest in hardware tools among young Chinese males in the age range from 26 to 35. WORX is a high-end electronic tools made in China, and its electric impact drill is the No.1 best-selling tool for home decoration on JD.com. “Electric tools are common home necessities in many western countries.  With the trend of consumption upgrade, it has huge potential in Chinese market,” said Zhu Shiyan, general manager of WORX’s Asia market.

To prepare for this year’s 618 Grand Promotion, WORX strengthened its collaboration with JD in developing reverse customization products, or so called Consumer to Manufacturer (C2M). With C2M, WORX and JD started to deeply mine customer feedback and market research since half a year ago.

Four main customer pain points were identified in the first round of research: 1. People don’t know what tools they need for home decoration. 2. Combo tool kits are expensive and won’t be frequently used. 3. Electric tools are often heavy to lift. 4.Cables are troublesome. With this customer feedback in mind, WORX came up with a customized product proposal: a lithium ion powered cordless combo tool kit with a price between RMB 299-399 yuan (US$43-57). In the second round of research for product design, WORX further improved the combo’s tools choices and structure design according to feedback from JD. To cater to young people’s tastes, WORX also invited designers from Italy to work on the color, size, ergonomics and weight to ensure the product answers the needs identified from the customer research.

Eventually, WORX’s lithium ion cordless combo tool kit WX1295 was introduced to the market on JD.com in June. The new product’s page was visited over 200,000 times in a single month and achieved 98% positive rating. Comfortable to use, high quality , useful configuration and high torque are the comments most frequently mentioned by buyers.

“Precise customer analysis and customized product development process are the keys to the big success of WORX lithium ion cordless combo tool kit WX1295,” said Zhu. Based on this successful C2M product launch, the two companies will continue their collaboration to create more consumer-driven and cost-effective products.