Apr 7, 2021|

Huawei Becomes the First Brand to Have 50 Million Fans on JD.com


by Hui Zhang

JD.com announced on April 2 that the number of fans of Huawei’s first-party store on JD has surpassed 50 million, becoming the first brand on JD to do so.

To mark this milestone, Huawei will provide a series of promotion events and benefits such as RMB 1 yuan for Huawei Mate X2 trial, trade-in subsidies of up to RMB 350 yuan, and 20% off of maintenance fees. It has been less than a year since the number of fans of Huawei’s first-party store on JD surpassed 40 million last August.

The robust growth in the number of fans comes from the strong spending power of JD consumers, and JD’s reliable services that bring peace of mind to consumers who purchase Huawei products on the platform.

According to JD’s big data, sales of Huawei mobile phones in the first 10 minutes of Nov. 11, 2020 during JD’s Singles Day Grand Promotion increased by more than 100% YOY, with sales of Mate 40 exceeding RMB 100 million yuan in the first 7 seconds the same day. For Huawei’s new product Mate X2, which was launched in Feb., JD’s data revealed that the number of reservations on JD quickly exceeded 1 million, with the first batch of phones sold out in only a few seconds.

In addition to high-quality consumers, the premium services provided by JD, such as the 30-day worry-free refund, one-hour delivery, and free trial before payment, have also provided benefits and guarantees to Huawei’s fans.

“As an important mobile phone retail platform, JD will continue to maintain a close partnership with Huawei to further promote the brand’s reputation and sales growth, while working together with Huawei to continue providing high-quality product and services and thus bringing consumers convenient and premium services,” said Yong Duan, senior director of JD Mobile Devices.

JD and Huawei have a long history of collaboration and have made a lot of achievements. When Huawei debuted its flagship product Mate9 in 2016, sales on JD reached RMB 100 million yuan in just one minute. In the same year, JD launched a special one-hour delivery for Huawei’s Porsche design mobile phone. In 2018, Huawei joined hands with JD in IoT which made it possible for Huawei’s products such as mobile phones, routers, computers and more to be controlled by JD’s IoT system.