Apr 9, 2021|

Ambassador of Denmark to China Visits JD.com


by Rachel Liu

Thomas Østrup Møller, Ambassador of Denmark to China, visited JD Beijing headquarters today for discussion on future cooperation opportunities. Anne Marie Engtoft Larsen, Denish Tech Ambassador, also joined the discussion online from Copenhagen.

Following a tour around JD headquarters, the JD team gave Ambassador Møller an introduction to the operations plan for the future Demark National Pavilion to be launched on JD Worldwide, JD’s platform for imported products. Also discussed was JD’s green supply chain program Green Stream Initiative, in which the ambassadors showed great interest. The ambassadors expressed their support for these on-going projects, and hope to extend the cooperation with JD to more areas, especially technology.

JD team gave Ambassador Møller an introduction to the operations plan for the future Demark National Pavilion to be launched on JD Worldwide,

“Danish people are very creative and innovative. Danish brands are very popular among Chinese consumers, such as Lego, Danisa cookies and Ecco,” said Larry Lee, vice president of JD. “As the leading retailer in China, we hope to become the bridge between Chinese customers and Danish brands. For JD, technology plays an important role in the future development of the company, and we believe there will be cooperation opportunities between JD’s newly formed JD Technology business division and Denmark.”

“We are very happy with the current cooperation and greatly appreciate the opportunities that JD Retail and JD Health offers,” said Ambassador Møller. “Besides our current efforts to bring in more Danish brands, especially the SMEs, by forming a national pavilion on JD Worldwide, I also very much look forward to the further cooperation opportunities with JD in more areas, including health, sustainable logistics, digitalisation and technology. We see big potential in China regarding these areas.”

“For Denmark, it is very important that technological development is done in a responsible way. My office works to build diplomatic ties with the global tech industry, to increase dialogue, understanding and public-private collaboration. This February we just launched the new Danish Tech Strategy 2021-2023 with a vision to create a responsible, inclusive and secure technological future that delivers solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. We hope to explore potential areas to continue the dialogue with JD.com such as learning more about JD’ s efforts on increasing data privacy and protection and more broadly your approach and visions on responsibility in the tech industry,” said Ambassador Larsen.

JD has introduced many leading Danish brands on its platform to great success. Take Lego for example: Since the Lego first party flagship store launched on JD in 2015, it has accumulated over 13 million followers. JD also supported the brand to penetrate deeper into lower-tier markets, and the improvement of the brands’ marketing ability in the Chinese market. On JD Worldwide, hottest-selling Danish brands includes audio equipment brand B&O, Ecco, dairy product brand arla, and accessories brand Pandora.