Jul 21, 2022|

International Students Visit JD Hydroponic Plant Factory


by Mengyang He

Thirteen students from Botswana, India, Mongolia, and Tanzania among others enrolled in China Agricultural University, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing International Studies University and more visited JD.com’s hydroponic plant factory in Beijing on July 18, as part of their summer field research under the theme “Exploration on the Path of Industrial Prosperity Promoting Rural Revitalization.”

As JD Plant Factory is China’s largest plant factory using Japanese technology that combines sunlight and artificial light, the students learned about how agricultural technology is applied in vegetable farming during the visit.

Zhongsheng Wu, general manager of JD Plant Factory, said, “Although all the vegetables at JD Plant Factory are cultivated with the hydroponic technology, the overall water consumption is remarkably low. Only 500ml of water is required during the entire lifecycle from seed to vegetable, and this method saves more than 90 percent of water compared with conventional cultivation.”

The environmental indicators such as temperature, humidity, light, and carbon dioxide concentration in the nursery room are all controlled by computer, which creates a high-quality growth environment for hydroponic vegetables. The water purification equipment can also prevent water pollution, and vegetables can thrive without pesticides.

With the help of cutting-edge technology, JD Plant Factory is able to produce and harvest vegetables all year round, with an annual output of 300 tons. Therefore, it can control costs from the supply side, and provide consumers with safe and healthy products.

“I am fascinated by the hydroponic technology applied in JD Plant Factory, and wish to bring it back to my home country,” noted Suleyman, a Tanzanian student from Beijing Forestry University.