Jul 21, 2022|

JD Joins Hands with Intel to Further Enhance Digital Intelligence


by Doris Liu

JD Cloud announced the launch of a virtualization engine, Jing Gang 2.0 (京刚2.0), during its annual cloud summit last week, among an array of other tech products to better unleash the capabilities of a digitally intelligent supply chain. Behind the scenes is JD’s resolution of pushing digital intelligence and its seamless collaboration with partners such as Intel, the world’s leading chipmaker, to implement the technologies into practice.

As the industry-leading software and hardware integrated virtualization engine, Jing Gang 2.0 offloads the virtualization to a dedicated hardware for acceleration, boosting storage performance by 10 times when integrated with the unified storage platform Yun Hai (云海, meaning “Cloud Sea”).

Supporting the prime performance of Jing Gang 2.0 is the bare metal cloud host jointly developed by JD and Intel. Based on Intel FPGA and Xeon processors, JD Cloud has developed its own smartNIC to secure a safe and efficient computing environment. Intel Memory Failure Prediction and recovery system, which was collaboratively developed and deployed by both companies, has also improved the reliability and stability of the cloud infrastructure by nearly 40 percent.

Furthermore, the two parties released an overall solution of cold-plate liquid cooling for both the data center level and microprocessor level at the Cloud Summit, promoting the development of the environment and liquid cooling technology with a long-term pursuit of more sustainable green datacenters.

JD Cloud is now working with Intel to further establish a secure and reliable computing environment based on Intel Software Guard Extensions of the third-generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processor.

“Together with our partners, we are driving the application of intelligent technologies to deepen the digital transformation in a wide range of professions and industries,” said Yali Liang, Intel’s vice president in the Sales, Marketing and Communications Group, in her speech at the summit.

As strategic partners, Intel and JD have been working together for 13 years on retail, datacenter businesses and more. The two sides have carried out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation around cloud computing, artificial intelligence, green and low-carbon datacenters and other areas, aiming at driving innovations and leveraging cloud capabilities to benefit businesses all over the world.