Jun 4, 2021|

JD Aims to Promote More New and High-end Home Appliances


by Rachel Liu

Meng Chen, head of refrigerators at JD Home Appliances participated in the 2021 China Refrigerator Industry Summit held in Beijing on May 26. According to Chen, as the structure of the is changing, JD aims to promote more new and high-end, high-tech products, and use its Consumer-to-Manufacturer (C2M) ability to provide more customized products to customers.

According to industry data, sales of refrigerators continued to rise in 2020 despite being impacted briefly by COVID-19. Sales in 2020 were almost identical to 2019. During Q1 2021, sales of refrigerators also increased 60.8% YOY. “The uncertainty of COVID-19 encouraged more customers to stock up on food, so they tend to buy refrigerators to keep the food fresh,” said Chen.

“After the COVID-19 outbreak, more customers focused on functions such as flavor preservation, sterilization and ability to maintain freshness. Brands sped to develop more of these kind of products to meet customers’ demands, which changed the product structure of refrigerator industry,” he added.

JD keeps working with brands to develop C2M refrigerators to meet customers’ increasingly unique demands. The brands that have worked with JD on C2M refrigerators include Casarte, Midea, Bosch, TCL, LG and more.

“Besides promoting new and high-end products, in the future, JD will also support  brands with smaller market share to find their target customers and competitive advantage,” said Chen.