Jun 4, 2021|

JD Retail Cloud Participates in Big Data Expo in Guizhou


by Ling Cao

JD Retail Cloud participated in this year’s China International Big Data Industry Expo held in Guiyang, Guizhou province from May 26-28. The event gathers industry experts to discuss how frontier technologies will promote the integration between digitalization and the real economy.

As a technology ecosystem aiming to benefit JD and external partners, JD Retail Cloud showcased its digital and intelligent ecosystem including the solution for helping enterprises go digital, an agricultural wholesale platform, as well as livestream service, logistics and AR/VR technologies.

JD also displayed a mobile platform as a service (mPaaS) R&D platform and other solutions to help enterprises develop mobile platforms such as apps or mini programs, as well as building micro online malls in order to improve the customer experience. Until now, thousands of merchants have registered to participate in JD’s online mall SaaS program.

The exhibition also included smart chatbot services, which can help improve customer service efficiency, as well as customers’ satisfaction levels.

“JD Retail Cloud integrates three key capabilities of JD Retail and can be opened to our partners,” said Dr. Paul Yan, Chairman of JD Retail Technology Committee.“The first is business operations capabilities, such as payment, supplier management, transaction and more. The second is customer management capability. We can help brands find targeted customers, introduce new customers and improve the penetration of their brand. The third is data capability, including data analysis, data asset management and more. We believe the system is highly valuable to the retail industry.”