Jun 4, 2021|

Sales of JD’s National Pavilions Increased over 80% YOY on the First Day of 618


by Rachel Liu

JD Worldwide, JD’s platform for imported products, saw sales growth of over 120% YOY on the first day of the 618 Grand Promotion, June 1, and sales of nearly 1,500 brands increased over 100% YOY, reflecting customers’ increasing consumption demand for imported products.

The imported products brought by National Pavilion stores on JD Worldwide also received a warm welcome by JD customers, such as hair protection oil and latex pillows from Indonesian Pavilion, Bak-Kut-The pork ribs from Singapore Pavilion, and quinoa from Peru Pavilion. Sales of National Pavilions increased over 80% YOY.

The “Just in time” program, which connects overseas shopping malls or e-commerce platforms with JD Worldwide, has brought over 600,000 imported products to the platform, enabling customers to shop directly from the channels and enjoy the same prices as shopping overseas. Sales through the program increased 436% YOY on June 1. Rakuten, Muller and many other popular malls and retailers have joined the program.

The “Star Selection” project of JD Worldwide, which connects foreign brands with entertainment celebrities and KOLs, attracted customers’ attention. Companies with celebrity resources such as Wanda Group and TMG (Taihe Music Group) are partners of the program, and also joined the 618 Grand Promotion. Sales of the “Star Selection” stores increased over five times compared with sales of last month.

Additionally, the JD Worldwide Imported Supermarket, which provides an integrated shopping experience of imported products on JD, provided extensive discounts and coupons for customers. Customers can enjoy one-stop shopping for imported beauty products, fresh food, luxury and daily use products on the imported supermarket. Sales of imported self-care products increased 230% YOY on June 1, and the sales increase of beauty, maternal and baby and furnishing products all surpassed 100%.